Can I study the PSC part-time?

  • Raphael Jucobin
  • Tuesday 07th December
  • 1 min read

In order to apply for qualification as a solicitor, you’ll need to complete the Professional Skills Course first, which is usually undertaken once you’re in the midst of your Period of Recognised Training, usually a training contract.

What are the options?

There are two options open to you when it comes to studying the PSC. You can complete a 12-day course on-site, which covers all three of the compulsory modules over eight days and includes another four days dedicated to the elective components of the course.

On the other hand, various providers such as The University of Law offer the opportunity to take a single module at a time, so that you can study at your own pace instead of attending an intensive 12-day course covering all aspects of the PSC. 

This will allow you to spread out your PSC study over the course of your training and give you more flexibility. However, you should also check with your employer whether or not this follows the conditions set out in your contract with regards to their sponsorship of your PSC. 

The only requirement is that you complete all three compulsory modules and undertake four electives - or equivalent modules - by the time you finish your legal training.

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