How are the core modules on the PSC assessed?

  • Raphael Jucobin
  • Tuesday 07th December
  • 1 min read

Each one of the core modules that make up the majority of the PSC will be assessed in a different manner, depending on the type of skill that the component looks to develop.

Financial and Business Skills

The Financial and Business Skills module is the only one of the three which is assessed through a formal exam. It comprises 18 hours of learning over three days, and on the final day you will sit an assessment which covers all of the elements of the module, barring the first one.

Advocacy and Communication Skills

Advocacy and Communication Skills is evaluated through an oral and written skills appraisal rather than a formal exam. You’ll be assessed on the practical scenarios that this module covers, such as the presentation of a convincing argument as well as cross-examination.

Client Care and Professional Standards

The final module, Client Care and Professional Standards, is shorter than the previous two, only consisting of two days’ worth of teaching, or twelve hours. There will be no assessment at the end of the module.

These assessments and modules can occur consecutively if you decide to take the fast-track 12-day PSC course, or rather at different times over the course of your training contract, as many approved providers give you the option of taking modules individually, such as The University of Law.

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