Practice Skills: Advanced Written Communications

  • Raphael Jucobin
  • Tuesday 07th December
  • 1 min read

The module is designed for trainees who’d like to build on the knowledge they’ve already gained from a previous writing course. It forms part of the Practice Skills subgroup of modules that you can choose from alongside the obligatory core modules, as part of the Professional Skills Course.

What skills will I develop through this module?

You’ll learn to take into account the requirements of different audiences and destinataries and adapt your style to fit specific legal contexts. The scenarios that you’ll examine go further than the simple letter to a client, analysing a range of legal situations and the writing style you would need to adopt to deal with them.

This is explored through the different types of written communication, such as e-mails, reports, and marketing material. You’ll be led to review these different types of material and see how these differ depending on the context.

How long does it take to study this module?

This module can either be taken as part of the 72-hour full-time course in the midst of your training contract, or individually - depending on your arrangements. In any case, you should bear in mind that you will need to complete four elective modules and the three compulsory ones that make up the PSC before you apply to the SRA to qualify as a solicitor. 

For more information on the variety of PSC arrangements and range of up to fifty different elective modules on offer, you should register your interest with The University of Law now!

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