What is the PSC?

  • Raphael Jucobin
  • Tuesday 07th December
  • 2 min read

The PSC - Professional Skills Course - is a crucial part of your legal training, as it is the point at which you’ll learn to develop more practical legal skills related to the legal profession. It takes place during your two-year period of recognised training, and should be paid for by the firm you’re undertaking your legal work experience at.

It’s an obligatory part of the current route towards qualifying as a solicitor, meaning you’ll have to take it before you apply to be added to the roll of solicitors, although there may be exemptions under specific circumstances. 

When do I complete the PSC?

It’s generally completed after taking the Legal Practice Course, drawing from much of the content covered in this previous course, and is provided by a wide range of institutions, such as The University of Law.

How long does the PSC take?

The course itself takes 12 full days to finish, and like the GDL or LPC your employer is likely to sponsor it for you. The skill set you will develop is made up of the following, to which are added a range of elective courses you’ll be required to take:

  • Financial and business skills;
  • Advocacy and communication skills;
  • Client care and professional standards.

The first two will be made up of 18 hours’ worth of training, while the final skill will consist of 12 hours. A total of 24 hours will be dedicated to the elective courses, meaning the overall time spent on the Professional Skills Course will amount to 72 hours. You’ll also be expected to demonstrate knowledge of how information technology can be applied to the legal profession, as well as being aware of the importance of commercial awareness, both of which will be tested throughout the course.

What is the format of the PSC?

Providers which have been approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority can be flexible in the way they deliver the PSC. For instance, The University of Law - where more UK lawyers have practiced than at any other institution - covers the content over twelve days, and either delivers it at their campus or at your employer’s offices. It consists of small workshops, and, wherever possible, online live training.

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